We often get asked if we have anything geared toward younger kids... well now we do!  The Chest is an escape room in a box that you pick up and bring home, geared towards children between the ages of 8 and 12.  Like in our rooms, puzzles are thematic and immersive.  If you are looking to mix up your family games night, have an imminent birthday party or are just looking for a fun experience to share with your kids then The Chest is for you!  The Chest can be customized by adding your own little gifts throughout - as long as it'll fit in the box and with advance notice, we'll be happy to add whatever you provide.

The Chest can be booked for a day at a time through our booking system.  Simply choose The Chest and select the day that you'd like to book.  Pick up times (from ELG) will be in the afternoon and vary slightly based on the day.  The Chest will also come with a solution manual and return checklist to ensure that nothing gets lost.  A one-day rental will cost $125 (taxes in).  

The experience time will vary but should be between 45 - 60 mins.  

The Chest
Price (inc tax)                                                  $125/day
Credit card charged for any damages up to value of chest and contents.
Pickup Time (W/Th/F)                                   4:30 PM
Pickup Time (Sat/Sun)                                   2:00 PM
Return Time (W/Th/F)                                  4:00 PM
Suggested # of players: 4 - 8
Suggested Age:  8 - 12 
Success Rate:  %
You've found an old bottle washed up on the shore and inside is a clue to buried pirate treasure.  Can you and your family unlock the pirate's secrets and get away with the treasure or will you be sent to Davy Jone's Locker?
Return Time (Sat/Sun)                                  1:30 PM
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